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Video advertising online lets you reach the widest possible audience, and can significantly increase sales and conversions. Knowing where to advertise online is the key to your return on investment (ROI).

The largest social networking site in the world, reach existing and new customers. Use ads on your business’ Facebook page – keeping your audience up to date with new offers and services. 89% of Australians watch videos on Facebook and users are up to 150 times more likely to watch video ads in their newsfeed than to visit the linked page itself.
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The most popular video sharing website. Having your video on a site such as YouTube makes your business more likely to rank within the top pages of Google search results. Video is 53 times more likely to rank in the top results on Google as sites with text only.
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Google Adwords now allow you to advertise video ads on YouTube and across the web with the Google Adsense network. The benefits of using Google Adwords video is that you can tell your story quickly. Using video across the Google network you can reach just the right audience. Each month, more than one billion people visit YouTube and watch over six billion hours of video. With AdWords for video, you pay only when people interested in your business choose to view your ads. Reach your customers by topic, by keywords, or by demographics like ‘women under 35.’
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Target people from the industries you want and find other businesses who are looking for products or services like yours. Advertise to millions of professionals worldwide with video.
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Twitter use by Australian businesses is increasing rapidly – as it allows you to develop deeper relationships with customers. Post your ad to your business’ Twitter profile so all your followers can view it. Include a call-to-action or prize offer to encourage re-tweets and obtain new followers/customers.
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Build interest in your brand at every turn. Use video in your e-newsletters and engage your audiences. Email marketing campaigns with video have up to 45% higher click-through rate than those without.
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Websites optimized with video are 53 times more likely to rank within the top pages of Google search results. Videos are a great way of advertising a particular product or service. They can also provide a great entry point into your business for potential customers and clients.
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Online Ads
Paid online advertising is on the rise. In the September 2013 quarter, it exceeded $1 billion in Australia for the first time. Now is the time to get in there and market to where the audiences are.
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Digital Signage
Make your shopfront or office more lively to clients and customers with a display video.
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Create visually rich videos for presentations. Instead of having an overload of text, create a dynamic video with image and sound and show your audience your creative talents.